She Me Her

She Me Her
December Holiday Recap: During the month of December, holiday parties are around every corner, especially if you’re a professional; therefore, you should gift yourself with a breathtaking ensemble for the evening, i.e. She Me Her. She and Her are our alter egos, the sassy ladies; they’re statement pieces that every eye will gravitate to, She with the plunging neckline and Her with the color and thigh-high slit. Me is also a statement piece, but in a subtle form, but allow you to truly accessorize.
All three ensembles provide the opportunity to showcase your proudest physical features.

Alexander McQueen long pink dress

$3,345 –

Jane Norman red evening dress
$77 –

Niclaire party clutch
$49 –

Irene Neuwirth fire opal jewelry

Clip-on earrings

Hervé Van Der Straeten gold plated jewelry
$495 –

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